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 Organizational Basic Partner Levels Size Annual Dues
Hospital Less than 250 Beds $500*
251 - 400 Beds $750* 
More than 400 Beds $1000*
Long term care, assisted living, home health care, hospice, rehabilitation center (Non-hospital facilities that provide direct patient care) $500*
Affiliate Partner Organization Entities that support HEC, but do not deliver direct patient care $400
Customized Partnership Educational institution $500
Customized partnership with consulting options Organizations of all sizes and complexity Customized**
* Subtract 10% from Total Dues for Multi-Facility Partner

Partner Dues for Multi-Facility Partner

Multi-Facility Organizations are organizations or health systems that provide care within more than one facility, such as health systems that include multiple hospitals. The dues for a Multi-Facility Partner includes a 10% discount on basic partner fees for each facility.

** Customized Partnerships with Consulting Options are tailored agreements with organizations who are interested in a more comprehensive level of involvement and support with the HEX and the Emory Center for Ethics. Agreements could include services such as organizational ethics needs assessment, on-site education or training, and ethics consultation support.

For further information, including tailored, customized partnership with consulting options, please contact Kathy Kinlaw at or (404) 727 - 9533