About the HEC


The mission of the Healthcare Ethics Consortium (HEC) is to benefit health care organizations, healthcare professionals and ultimately recipients of care by supporting and encouraging the development of structures and practices that keep ethics central to healthcare


HEC will become a nationally recognized center of excellence providing leadership in healthcare ethics education, reflection, and practice.


Ethical Reflection, Ethics Education, Commitment to Ethics at all Levels of the Organization, Communication, Respect for Individual (Recipients and Providers of Care), Collaboration, Open Dialogue and Debate.

Value Statements

  • We place the highest value on the incorporation of ethical reflection in examining all facets of healthcare delivery.
  • We value the importance of ethics education in clinical and organization setting.
  • We are committed to supporting healthcare organizations in keeping ethics central to system decisions at the highest level and through our the organization.
  • We value the importance of communication between caregivers and patients, respect for diversity of values, and a collaborative and fully informed process for decision-making.
  • We value each healthcare recipient as an individual in need of care and as a member of the larger community.
  • We value each individual provider as a professional whose primary focus is the welfare of those individuals in his or her care.
  • In an era of intensive competition, we value collaboration among healthcare professionals and organizations.
  • We value open dialogue and debate on ethical issues at the clinical, organizational and public policy level.
  • We recognize the intrinsic value of HEC and will support the association's values within our practices and the work of our organization.
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