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HEC Partnerships

General Benefits


  • Discounted registration to all fee-based HEC educational programs and workshops.
  • Discounted tuition for the HEC Ethics Leadership Academy


  • Access to members-only information, including HEC website for networking, issues discussions, information sharing, and announcements.
  • Access to HEC technical and content experts for consultation at a discounted rate.

Public Policy

  • Opportunities to collaborate with HEC staff and representatives on legislative or regulatory initiatives.
  • Opportunities to discuss issues and initiatives with fellow members within fields of specialty [acute care, mental health, eldercare, etc…]


Organizational Basic Partner Levels


Annual Dues


Less than 250 beds


251-400 beds


More than 400 beds


Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Home Health Care, Hospice, Rehabilitation Center

(Non-hospital facilities that provide direct patient care)


Affiliated Partner Organization

(Entities that support HEC, but do not deliver direct patient care)


Customized Partnership with Consulting Options

Organizations of all sizes and complexity


*Subtract 10% from Total Basic Partner Dues for Multi-Facility Partner

Multi-Facility Organizations are organizations or health systems that provide care within more than one facility, such as health systems that include multiple hospitals. The dues for a Multi-Facility Partner include a 10% discount on basic partner fees for each facility.

Customized Partnerships with Consulting Options are tailored agreements with organizations who are interested in a more comprehensive level of involvement and support with the HEC and the Emory Center for Ethics.   Agreements could include services such as organizational ethics needs assessment, on-site education or training, and ethics consultation support.

       For further information, including tailored, customized partnership with consulting options, please contact Kathy Kinlaw at kkinlaw@emory.edu or 404-727-9533.



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