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Advanced Care Planning

Advance Care Planning allows each of us to consider what care and treatment we would like to receive if we are not able to speak for ourselves when healthcare decisions need to be made. In order to plan we need access to information about the kind of decisions that we may face as well as resources to assist us in considering our values and treatment preferences. The CRITICAL Conditions® Planning Guide provides a pathway for such planning. We invite you to review the guide below, consider completing an advance directive (see Georgia’s advance directive linked below), and share your values and reflections with your healthcare providers and your loved ones.

Georgia Health Decisions (GHD) developed The CRITICAL Conditions® Planning Guide following extensive research to understand the opinions, attitudes and values people have about health care at the end of life. Focus groups were conducted and the program was piloted in 8 communities across Georgia. Kathy Kinlaw from the Emory Center for Ethics participated in the early development, research and testing of the guide. We thank GHD for entrusting the Emory Center for Ethics and the Healthcare Ethics Consortium ( to ensure that Georgia citizens and institutions continue to have access to this document.

The CRITICAL Conditions® Planning Guide

We invite you to review the guide, individual worksheets from the guide, and the Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare:

The CRITICAL Conditions® Planning Guide

Downloadable Individual Worksheets

Georgia Advance Directive for Healthcare

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